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Celadon Remote Control Systems
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Celadon Custom Remote Control Systems

A Brief Profile of Celadon, Incorporated

Celadon Incorporated manufactures remote control systems of the highest quality and technical sophistication. Our goal is to provide products which meet the demands of the individuals who use them. We have been manufacturing remote control systems since 1990. Celadon provides service from initial product concept, through product selection and design, manufacturing and deilvery. This allows us to maintain close contact with you throughout all phases and helps us provide you with quality products designed to fit your needs.

We have many standard remote control enclosures that can be used for OEM applications (both infrared systems, and radio frequency systems).  We can also design custom remote control solutions for your specific application requirements.

Our engineering and design capabilities include Software Development, ASIC Design, PCB Design, Universal/Learning Functionality, Custom Tooling Design and Custom Packaging.  Celadon has also established relationships with top Industrial Design firms, to be used as a resource for our customers, in assisting with the design and development of their products.

We have worked with and are providing products to companies within many different industry segments including GE Medical, Philips Medical, Toshiba, Yamaha, Logitech, Polycom, Slim Devices, Faroudja Laboratories, Extron Electronics, Philips Electronics and many more industry leaders.

Celadon provides remote control solutions in low volume or high volume. This ensures you can use our products for initial prototype design, concept design, market testing and then move forward to medium or high volume production.

Celadon manufacturing factories are located in Korea, China and Thailand. We also stock low volume infrared remote control models for immediate delivery.

Celadon manufactures infrared remote control systems, infrared receivers; infrared to RS-232 converters and infrared to TTL converters, radio frequency remote control systems (RF Remote Control) including radio frequency receivers.

Please contact us for further details regarding any of our remote control systems, or to discuss new product design and applications.

Celadon Incorporated is a California Corporation located in San Rafael, California U.S.A.

Our Address is:

Celadon Incorporated
58 Paul Drive, Suite D    
San Rafael, CA 94903 U.S.A.

Our Telephone Number is: +1 (415) 472-1177

Our Sales Number is: +1 (415) 472-1177 x201

Our Facsimile Number is: +1 (415) 472-1179

E-mail Celadon: Celadon e-mail (sales@odmcustomremotes.com)

Our Home Page is located at: http//www.odmcustomremotes.com.


Celadon was formed in 1990 in order to support the CORE (C.O.R.E. - "Controller Of Remote Equipment" - Remote control originally designed and manufactured by Steve Wozniak (of Apple Computer) in 1985, through his company CL9). Celadon obtained the rights to produce the CORE Programmable Infrared Remote Control. Celadon renamed the product the PIC-100 Programmable Infrared Controller. The C.O.R.E. was the first remote control on the market with learning capabilities as well as containing complex macro capabilities, advanced programmable timers, it's own programming language, and even a serial port. The serial port was used to control the CORE from a host computer, upload and download infrared codes, upload operating system updates and general control for automation purposes. The PIC-100 was followed by the PIC-200 which advanced on the internal workings of the unit by adding FlashRAM.

Please contact us to inquire about pricing and availability for our remote control products or call our sales and applications engineering staff at (415) 472-1177 x201.

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